TEN -10-


TEN-10- is a puzzle game where you tap pairs of numbered tiles on the screen to see how many you can make disappear under the time limit. The tiles are marked with the numerals 1 through 9—and each pair has to add up to 10! Challenge yourself and see how high your score can go!




Drift & Crash

cap01_3.5 cap02_3.5
“Drift & Crash!” is an exciting battle car action game.
In a near future, there is a car battle in the arena.
You must crash all enemy’s car controlling with direction key on your phone.
You will see the ending after 16 stages.
Can you break down the two boss?

Planet Protector

cap01 cap02 cap03 cap04
Kamikaze ships are attacking your planet. Your mission is to destroy them before they make contact.
If an enemy ship strikes your planet your planet will take damage.
This is represented by a meter on the bottom of your screen.
Once the meter reaches zero, your game will be over.
If an enemy ship collides with your ship you will be momentarily immobilized, however your planet will take no damage.
Some enemies drop health, others drop special weapons. Connect with these items to collect them.
Tap your screen to fire.
Replay and try to beat your high score.